Sunday, December 9, 2007

Skype Tutorial

I created a video tutorial on how to use Skype for one of my Emerging Tech assignments. Had a little bit of trouble uploading it to YouTube, and actually lost my working file. The type of technology Skype utilizes is in different communication methods. You can text message, chat, phone call, or best of all video chat. I haven't figured out why there is a fee to talk online by phone but not by video chat with Skype? I would think the video chat would cost before a normal phone call would? Skype can be used in a number of different settings. Business' can chat online with multiple conference rooms for meetings. It can be used in a classroom setting, we "Skyped" a student into class one day when she was ill and could not make it. My audience for my video is anyone who wants to learn how to operate Skype software from scratch. It is a step by step tutorial that should be beneficial to someone in a corporate and educational setting. The objective is for viewers of this tutorial to know how to download and run skype successfully by the time they are finished watching. The goal of this tutorial is to introduce Skype to anyone interested in using new communication methods for the education or business setting.

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