Tuesday, November 27, 2007

GodTube II

God Tube, I was reviewing Megan's post on a video site called "GodTube." I just found out about the site about a week ago, but seeing that Megan blogged about it made me want to reflect a little further. There are all types of video "tubes" out there online today for various content to be displayed. Whether some display material for children, some for adults, sports, teachers, etc. Why not one about God? This site displays videos for spiritual and religious purpose, churches can use this as a form of ministry by being able to direct youth to log in and seek spiritual guidance instead of online mischief. This is a video that I was told to view by a friend that has a lot of spiritual guidance, take a look at it for inspiration.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Podcasts of Classmate

I just got done listening to the podcasts of my classmates in Emerging Tech. Overall they were really well put together, the different styles and approaches everyone took in delivering their message was great to listen to. I can see the different creative skills that each classmate possess by the way they conduct their show with sound effects, breaks, commercials, music, and other features. I only got a chance to comment on those who posted their podcast to their blog, so sorry for missing some of you. The ones that I reviewed were:
Everyone did great and I learned a little bit of something new from everyone.

Friday, November 2, 2007

18yr olds Youtube video lands him an Ad

Check this out, an 18 year old British student created a commercial about his iPhone and uploads it to Youtube. An ad agency for apple likes the work that he did so much, they called and hired him to use his video. You probably have seen the ad on your television commercials recently. There is news coverage on his story by NBC, click the link below to view.

Click here to view Nick Haleys iPhone commercial
View the original video below:

It's impressive to know that making a video for fun can make you thousands of dollars richer and receive job offers from national advertising firms!

Online users are uploading videos everyday on youtube, depending on the content you never know where your creation could land you. Regine posted the all-time most viewed YouTube videos on her blog yesterday. The number one video was a comedian doing a stand-up routine. His exposer on YouTube is now giving him world -wide recognition, who know where his career may take him now. You can go to Regines Blog to view the show.